Custom Monograms and Lettering on Copper Sinks Casa Cruz’s Copper Products

Copper Sinks Casa Cruz is thrilled to announce the addition of custom lettering and monogram designs to our custom Casa Cruz copper offering! Choose from a selection of four typefaces to match your personal style, and have a monogram, family name or mantra hammered into your custom copper sink or other Copper Sinks Casa Cruz copper product! Please allow 1-and a half week (1-week and a half production time, and 4-5 business days delivery time) for your custom copper order to arrive. We find that ordering well in advance to your installation time is best. Give us a call at 4341210916 cel number in Mexico to discuss your project with us directly.


Single Finish Designs on Copper Kitchen Sinks

The Fleur de Lis Design has been a popular design in home kitchens. We now offer a greater selection of apron front designs to accommodate not only all kitchen designs but other ornate and decorative styles. Our exclusive copper designs can be applied to the apron of our farmhouse sinks as well as the inside basin of our catalog of standard drop-in and under mount copper kitchen sinks. Copper Sinks Casa Cruz now offers many additional Copper Casa Cruz copper designs in the finish of your choosing: Exclusive Dark Patina, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Shinny Copper, Rustic and Fire Finish,. Please allow 1 and a half week (1 and a half weeks’ production time, and 4-5 business days delivery time) for your sink to arrive. We find that ordering well in advance to your installation time is best. An Apron front design can be made to assist any kitchen!

Custom Artisan Copper Sinks

If you don’t see exactly what you want in our Photo Gallery or product pages, don’t worry! We have built a reputation for turning your ideas into reality. At least half of our business at Copper Sinks Casa Cruz is based on custom designed and made-to-order copper sinks; chances are one of our artisans can create your unique kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bar sink, vessel sink… undermount sink, drop-in sink… you get the idea! If you dream it WE CAN make it!

Creating a one-of-a-kind work of art for your home is usually not as expensive as you might think. Copper Sinks Casa Cruz works directly with the as we are the producers of all our products, cutting out the middleman to provide you with the ultimate in quality from the best in the business at the greatest value. We are the true artisans behind the middle man who have crafted copper sinks made specifically for our clients’ designs and budget requirements. And it’s not just sinks! We offer custom orders for other copper décor such as luxury bathtubs, pendant lights, tile, Copper venthoods, backsplashes, and mirror frames.

How does it work?

When you call or send us an email, you will speak with us directly always! You can discuss your project with us, and an idea of what you’re looking for. We’ll walk you through the basics, building from the details of your kitchen project or bathroom remodel.

Once the aesthetic details are covered—designs, finishes, dimensions, etc.—we’ll work to create a quote for your custom order and return your call to confirm your order. It’s all a part of the joy in building a relationship with you and your bathroom or kitchen projects!

How long does it take?

Once the custom décor design is finalized and sent to us as artisans, your custom piece can take anywhere from 1 week to a week and half to produce and ship it to you. It all depends on the specifications of your order, i.e. the size, quantity, and level of detail. Some orders are more intricate than others.

We understand this process can be difficult and the excitement, sometimes overwhelming! You want everything to be perfect. Usually it takes more time for you to decide which design you would like than for us to make the order for you. Keep in mind we are not like the middle man that has to take you’re order than send it to his worker which is why it takes too long to make. Here at Copper Sinks Casa Cruz you don’t have to worry about that since you’re order would be received by US the PRODUCERS directly!

The process is easy and fun!

Since our products are often made to order, why not get exactly what you want? Our design team is expertly equipped with product knowledge and application usage; along with our artists, they will be your most valuable custom design resource. Copper Sinks Casa Cruz customer service team is committed to accommodating your bathroom décor and kitchen design needs with friendly service and prompt delivery.

When you’re ready to discuss your project, please send us an email ( leave you’re number will get back to you to discuss you’re design. We will guide you through the process for creating a one-of-a-kind functional art piece that will set your home apart. We make the process an easy, personalized, enjoyable experience!

Custom Made Copper Sinks Handmade For You By Famed Artisans Not finding the right sink for your project? Find out how our artisans can custom make a sink for you! We work with you to meet your needs. Free Shipping!