Bathroom Copper Sinks

When bathroom copper sinks is what you are looking for then Copper Casa Cruz should be your ultimate shop stop. Whether you need different shapes or styles of sinks, we have them all. Being experienced in the field for years makes it a good choice for you to invest in. When you are at Copper Casa Cruz, there is no way that we will leave you disappointed. So, when quality products and excellent customer service are your priorities, Copper Casa Cruz can help you just right! Below are several factors that you must assess before investing in copper sinks:


One thing that you must check before making the final purchase is the purity of copper. Not all manufacturers will provide you the same purity and there are visible differences between the copper products made by two different companies therefore you must have a very good eye in order to gauge the purity of the sink you are looking to purchase. As per standard, copper sinks should be 99% copper and 1% zinc.


Another important consideration is the thickness of bathroom copper sinks. The thickness is deserves your attention mainly because copper is a soft metal which is why it is the thickness which will decide whether how quickly your sink will wear out or how durable can it prove to be in other words. Although a sink with a thicker gauge will always be more expensive, but it the investment will surely be well worth the cost. The lighter the gauge, the sooner your sink will get the dents on it therefore make a wise decision.

Copper Casa Cruz deals in a wide variety of bathroom copper sinks (San Antonio - Houston - Texas) so your choice is our top priority. Finally, you must also look at the shape of the copper sink you are looking to purchase. It must be properly shaped and should not an out of round/square. Since hammered products cannot be perfectly shaped you cannot get a 100% but you getting a 92 - 96 % is not impossible either.



Once you have looked after all these factors, patinas, finishes and surfaces are the final things of consideration. If matching the bathroom copper sink San Antonio - Houston - Texas is important for you then look for the finish that goes well with your bathroom decor. Ensure that you do not rush and buy a sink only after you have done your homework!